1.8 Litre Argon/CO2 Bottle- COLLECTION ONLY

  • 1.8 Litre Argon/CO2 Bottle
  • £47.40 inc Vat

  • Brand: GYS
  • Product Code: G10
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Available for COLLECTION only from our shop in Bridgwater, Somerset. This is due to the rules and regulations of transporting, gas, chemicals and other dangerous substances etc.

Non refillable Argon/Co2 (mix) welding gas for portable welding jobs.

80% Argon 20% CO2 (Mix) disposable gas bottles are suitable for most portable TIG and MIG welding machines. Disposable gas bottles are a handy, cost effective alternative to stationary industrial size gas cylinders.

  • Argon: 80%
  • Co2: 20%
  • Volume (V) : 1,800 litres
  • Tare: 1.650 gr
  • Pressure (WP): +20°C : 84 BAR
  • Test Pressure (Ph): 125 BAR


  • Formula: Ar/Co2
  • Boiling Point: -185.8°C

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1.8 Litre Argon/CO2 Bottle- COLLECTION ONLY

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