Albee Argon/CO2 Mix 11L - COLLECTION ONLY

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Due to size and nature of this item it is collection only from our shop in Bridgwater, Somerset.

ALbee™, Air Liquide’s line of portable, lightweight, rental-free gas cylinders for craftsmen and light professionals, are easy to use and easy to buy. After purchasing an ALbee™ cylinder, you need only to pay to exchange your empty cylinder for a full one, eliminating the hassle and expense of rental gas cylinders, saving you time and money. 

Featuring the MINITOP™, an ergonomic cap featuring a built-in regulator, ON/OFF lever, flow-rate wheel, content gauge, and easy connection, ALbee™ helps you work faster and provides increased mobility with better results.

ALbee Weld ArMix:

Cylinder size:    11 litres
Cylinder pressure:           200 bar
Type:                     Steel
Volume:                              2.55m³ / 2550ltr
Full Weight:                       18.32kg
Height:                     590mm
Diameter:                     178mm
For use with:                    MIG Processes

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Albee Argon/CO2 Mix 11L - COLLECTION ONLY

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