Albee Oxy/Acet Package - COLLECTION ONLY

  • Albee-Oxy/Acet-Package
  • £492.00 inc Vat

  • Brand: Albee
  • Product Code: A18
  • Availability: In Stock

Due to size and nature of this product it is a collection only item from our shop in Bridgwater, Somerset.

This is a package where you can buy both bottles together at once and save yourself a few ££'s compared to buying them separately.

Cylinder Specification

                                          Flame Ace           Flame O2

Cylinder size                            9.6 litres             11 litres

Cylinder pressure                     15 bar              200 bar

Type                                             Steel                    Steel

Volume                                             1.6m³                    2.3m³ 

Height                                          492mm                 590mm

Diameter                                  180mm                 178mm

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Albee Oxy/Acet Package - COLLECTION ONLY

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