Aluminium TIG Filler Wire - COLLECTION ONLY

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4043 AISi5 (NG21) Aluminium TIG Welding Rods

AWS A5.10 92 ER4043 EN 18273-S 2004 AL4043

Weight: 2.5kg

Diameter: available in 1.6mm, 2.4mm and 3.2mm

Chemical Analysis (WT%): Si 4.5-6, Fe 0.8, Cu 0.3, Zn 0.1, Ti 0.2, AI Bal

Parent Materials: AIMgSi (6000 series) alloys e.g 6063, 6082 cast alloys of aluminium silicon type

Welding Process: TIG

Gas: Argon

Anodising: Poor

Corrosion Resistance: Good (Depending on parent alloy)

The weld will be equal to the strength of the base metal

The weld will discolour if anodised

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Aluminium TIG Filler Wire - COLLECTION ONLY

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