Arecal Grey Primer- COLLECTION ONLY

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Available for COLLECTION only due to the rules and regulations of transporting, gas, chemicals and other dangerous substances etc.

400ml can Primer for wood, metal, stone, glass, etc.; creates a cohesive, smooth surface

Field of Application:

For metal, wood, ceramics, stone, terracotta, glass, paper

• dust-dry: after 20 min.

• dry to touch: after 90 min.

• fully dry: after 12 hours


All arecal paint sprays and primers are free of heavy metals, i.e. do not contain lead, cadmium or chrome. Binder: Nitro combination resins Do not spray onto surfaces painted with synthetic resins since the paint may bubble up.


High yield; quick-drying; creates a smooth, sealed surface

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Arecal Grey Primer- COLLECTION ONLY

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