EasyMIG 110 Package

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Complete package contains:

  • The machine with connected torch and polarity reversal cable (for no gas welding),
  • an earth clamp
  • an electrode holder
  • Accessory bag which contains; 0.9mm contact tip, gas nozzle (no gas), tightening key for contact tips, gas tube 1m and 2x clamps for gas tube.

The EasyMIG 110 is a semi-automatic machine that combines MIG/MAG, cpred wire and MMA welding processes. Thanks to it's user-friendly interface, the voltage and wire speed settings are made easier. Ultra-light, it is easy to carry around. The EasyMIG 110 is recommended for welding steel, stainless steel and occasionally aluminium. 

3-in-1 processes: MIG/MAG no gas, MIG/MAG gas, MMA.

Sturdy build quality:

  • Reinforced mechanical Structure
  • Pads for shock and vibration absorbption

Ultra-Light and Portable:

  • 7.6kg weight
  • Ergonomic Handle

Easy Set Up:

  • Voltage set selection from 15 to 19v
  • Wire speed selection from 2 to 8 m/min

Simplified Display:

  • 2 colour LED to display - Thermal protection and Power Up


  • Wire diameter 0.6mm to 0.8mm
  • Electrode 1.6mm to 2.5mm

Polarity reversal cable:

  • Attached. For no gas welding

Connected MAG Torch:

  • Fixed torch 120A - 2.20m fitted for steel

Integrated wire feeder:

  • 1kg wire reels
  • 2 rollers motor
  • Supplied rollers: steel - 0.8, no gas - 0.9


  • Inverter technology to ensure an excellent welding current quality and a low electric consumption  
  • Can weld rutile electrodes. Anti sticking (prevents electrode sticking at start)
  • Can weld: MIG/MAG wire with gas, MIG/MAG cored wire without gas

NO GAS ready to weld

This process allows:

  • Welding with cored wire (requires polarity reversal)
  • Allows outdoor welding (not wind affected)
  • Increased portability due to absence of gas bottles
  • Ideal for outdoors work on thin metal sheets

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EasyMIG 110 Package

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