Gas Lens Bodies

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We stock a small selection of gas body lenses for various TIG torches.

Please see the list for the available sizes.

A gas lens replaces the collet body that is standard in a torch. In conjunction with a collet, it helps hold the tungsten in place and creates the electrical contact necessary for proper current transfer. It also serves a much more important function: it improves shielding gas coverage and joint accessibility.

A typical gas lens is composed of a copper and/or brass body with layered mesh screens of steel/stainless steel (stainless steel offers greater durability and resistance to rust and corrosion than steel) that helps evenly distribute the shielding gas around the tungsten and along the weld puddle and arc. Gas lenses can be used with all shielding gases and are available for both air- and water-cooled torches.

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Gas Lens Bodies

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