Plasma Cutter 25K

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Ideal for maintenance work, the CUTTER 25K is a plasma cutter with inverter technology.

Supplied with earth clamp and MT 25 K, 4 meter Torch. 

Internal Air Compressor

With its internal compressor, the plasma 25K does not require an external supply of compressed air.

Quality cutting without distortion

The plasma 25K allows a high quality cutting even on painted surfaces:

  • Cuts up to 8mm steel, stainless steel and cast iron
  • Cuts up to 6mm aluminium and copper

Very accurate, the CUTTER 25K enables you to cut 0.6mm metal sheets at low intensity.

No HF Start

With the << Pilot Arc >> system, the arc starts without having any contact with the welding sheet. Starting without HF avoids any electromagnetic interference (radio, computers, phones, medical equipment etc)

Easy to use, fast and safe

  • Torch: 4m with safety trigger to avoid accidental start
  • Internal compressor (noise): 60/70 Db
  • Reinforced protection for the use with generators and against permanent overvoltage up to 400V (factory tested)
  • IP23 (protection against rain/dust), ideal for outside work

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Plasma Cutter 25K

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