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SifTemp® Infrared Digital Thermometer

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A digital thermometer with laser targeting and temperature detection via infra red, operated with a trigger control. Ideal for preheating, interpass-temperature measurement and controlled-cooling tasks. Can be used on practically all solid surfaces and is battery-operated, with an LCD screen. Includes K-type probe.

The SifTemp® IR is a battery operated digital thermometer which can be used for contact and non contact temperature measurements.

When using in IR mode it can be used for non-contact measurements up to 850°C. It can also be used with K-type surface probe, for contact measurements up to 1400°C.

The back-lit LCD display allows the operator to quickly read the measured temperature. The SifTemp® IR has a variety of functions including min recorded temp, max recorded temp, difference between the min and max and average recorded temperature. 

The unit has an audible alarm, which can be set to trigger at high or low temperature levels. Laser guidance allows accurate location of the target area and a simple trigger operation allows quick, easy repeated measurements.

Probe Type: Infrared and K-type

Measurement Range: IR -50°C to +850°C (-64°C to +1400°C - Contact)

Accuracy: ±1.5°C or 1.5%

Battery Type: 9v block, 15h capacity

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SifTemp® Infrared Digital Thermometer

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