• TIG-200-AC/DC-HF-FV
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Complete package with accessories.

Designed to weld:

  • Aluminium- TIG AC : 10A > 200A
  • Steel- TIG DC : 5A > 160A
  • Steel- MMA : 10A > 160A


From the Inverter technology, the TIG 200AC/DC HF FV is controlled by a mirco-processor with a digital panel.

5 memories : to save settings.

TIG 22

Starting Up:

  • 2 Possibilities: HF without contact or LIFT with contact
  • Integrated Automatism: <<Adjust ideal position>>

The system helps you to position the electrode before the current increase. A weak intensity is delivered, acting like a <<light beam>> (available in 4T et 4Tlog)

3 Trigger mode:

  • 2 Times
  • 4 Times
  • 4 Times << LOG": The operator can choose at any moment by shortly pressing the trigger 2 welding current. (Hot current and cold current)

Automatic Torch Detection:

Possibility to connect a simple or double button torch, with or without built-in potentiometer

3 AC/DC Mode:

  • TIG: Common settings AC and DC: Pre-gas / current increase / intensity (1 or 2 intensity possible in 4Tlog mode) / post-gas / down slope.

            Specific settings for AC:

                                                        Balance (20 à 60%) cleaning/penetration

                                                        Frequency to localise the arc with precision (20 à 200 Hz)

                                                > Manual or automatic (AC easy Function)

  • TIG Pulsed: 

                                -Easy Pulse Mode:  The operator sets the average welding current. The device automatically adapts the frequency, the hot current and cold current. 

                                - Normal Mode: The operator sets the hot and cold current as well as the frequency

  • TIG SPOT:  Allows to prepare parts by doing spot welding

Front plug for remote control:

To connect a foot pedal for TIG or a manual remote control


  • Welds steel, stainless steel, cast iron, rutile or basic electrodes
  • The product features Anti-sticking, hot start and Adjustable Arc Force

Supplied complete with accessories:

  • TIG Torch 4meters
  • Consumables Box
  • Earth Clamp 
  • Electrode Holder

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