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Water Cooled MIG Torch

  • Water-Cooled-MIG-Torch
  • £174.95 inc Vat

DGB 240W Duragrip Ergo MIG/MAG Torch.

Technical Data:

  • Cooling Method:                Water Cooled
  • Length:                                4 Meters
  • CO2 Rating:                        300A
  • Mixed Gas Rating:             270A
  • Duty Cycle:                         100%
  • Wire Size:                            0.8-1.2mm
  • Minimum Water Flow:      1.2 l/min
  • Min Water Inlet Pressure: 2.0 Bar
  • Min Cooling Requirements: 900W
  • Max Water Inlet Pressure:  5.0 Bar
  • Max Water Inlet Temperature:  50°c

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Water Cooled MIG Torch

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