XTS 204 MMA Inverter

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The XTS 204 is a compact but powerful machine ensuring maximum portability and performance. Electrodes up to 4.0mm can be used with ease.

By fitting an optional TIG torch and coupling to a suitable gas supply the XTS 204 can be used for TIG welding and is suitable for welding steel and stainless steel. The lift arc mode limits the arc current when the tungsten touches the work piece preventing electrode damage. 

The XTS 204 is able to cope with inputs which fluctuate by +/-15% and can be used with the majority of generators. The machine is housed in a rugged steel case.

Key Features:

  • 230V input
  • 200A @ 25% duty ycle
  • Generator friendly
  • Easy electrode striking with arc force & re-striking with hot start
  • Supplied with electrode holder, 3m cable and 3m earth lead
  • Connections 35-50mm dinse
  • Over voltage & over current protection
  • Manufactured to IP23S, ISO/IEC 60974-1, ISO/IEC 60974-6 & RoHS Compliant
  • Manual Metal Arc welding (MMA)
  • Constant current control for TIG and MMA applications
  • Direct current output
  • Will work with 50 or 60Hz supply
  • Digital display for easy setting
  • Lift arc TIG mode
  • Suitable for use with single phase supply
  • Forced air fan cooling
  • Lift start TIG (contact) with reduced power
  • Arc force, reduces electrode shorting when close to the job
  • Hot start boosts the power at the start to reignite the electrode cleanly
  • MMA anti sticking

            Parameter:                                                Value:

  • Output Current                                          10-200A
  • Input Voltage                                              230V 1P
  • Max Electrode Size                                    4.0mm
  • No load Voltage                                         50V
  • Cable Connection                                      35-50 Dix
  • Duty Cycle                                                   200A @ 25%
  • Min Fuse Rating                                         32A
  • Input Current (Eff)                                     20A
  • KVA                                                              8.2
  • Generator Size (Requires AVC)               10 KVA
  • Enclosure Protection                                IP23S
  • Dimensions (L x W x H)                            285 x 120 x 250mm
  • Weight                                                         4.8kg 

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XTS 204 MMA Inverter

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