Spindle Mounted Flap Wheel - 40 Grit

  • Spindle-Mounted-Flap-Wheel-40-Grit
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  • Brand: Abracs
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Spindle mounted products use a 6mm spindle, making them suitable for electric drills and air tools. They can be used on a diverse range of materials including stainless steel, standard/alloy steel, aluminium and non-ferrous metals. 

Ideal for surface finishing, general purpose cleaning, deburring and light stock removal applications.

The design, shape and placement of the individual flaps enable them to adjust to the contours and shapes of virtually any material or work piece. 

  • Great for hard to reach areas and angles
  • Can be used on many different materials
  • Suitable for drills and straight grinders
  • Premium quality for professional use
  • Versatile and long lasting
  • Excellent value


  • 6mm mounted spindle
  • Size - 80 x 30mm
  • Grit 40
  • Can be used on mild steel, construction steel, alloy steel and iron
  • Max RPM - 6,200
  • Made using AL/OX Paper

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Spindle Mounted Flap Wheel - 40 Grit

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