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Our range of key clamp type tube & fittings can be used to form a simple, cost effective handrail system which is easy to assemble. There is no need for bending, threading or welding, all that is required to complete the installation is an Allen key or ratchet to tighten the grub screws onto the tube.

This system uses galvanised iron pipe clamps and steel tubes which simply clamp together with grub screws using just an Allen key.

We stock key clamp fittings in three different sizes: 33.7mm, 42.4mm and 48.3mm. Our lengths of tube come in 6.5 meters, but we can cut them to your required sizes once your order has been processed.

Due to the great versatility of this system, key clamps have a wide range of commercial and domestic uses such as;

Carports & Shelters

Display Stands

Exhibition Stands & Traders Stalls

Garment Rails


Storage Racking

Support Structures