GYSMi 160P Inverter 230v

  • GYSMi-160P-Inverter-230v
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  • Brand: GYS
  • Product Code: MA06
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  • Welding unit with inverter technology piloted by microprocessor.
  • The arc dynamic of the product is unique and revolutionary on the market.
  • Can be used with all types of electrodes: rutile, basic, stainless steel, cast iron in direct current.
  • Very handy, thanks to its small weight (4,1 kg), its highly reduced volume and its very low consumption (plug16A with AM fuse).
  • size: 11 x 17x 27cm
  • weight: 4.2kg
  • 230V


  • Immediate start thanks to its very high no-load voltage.
  • Constant welding power.
  • Very smooth melting due to the direct current.
  • Insensate to supply current fluctuations or to the arc length.
  • Very good penetration and perfect arc stability.


  • HOT START : Increased power at start.
  • ANTI STICKING : Prevents the electrode sticking.
  • ARC FORCE : Instantaneous increase of the current in difficult welding situation

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GYSMi 160P Inverter 230v

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